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Zones & Premises COP23

The facilities of COP23 are located within two zones:

Bula Zone

The word Bula comes from the Fijian language and translates as 'Hello' or 'Welcome'.

The Bula Zone is comprised of the WorldCCBonn, the UN Campus, and the temporary structures next to it. The entire complex is mainly connected by a weather-proof walkway.

The zone accommodates the accreditation area, plenary halls, conference rooms, media centre, press conference rooms, delegation offices, computer centers and catering facilities.

Bonn Zone

The Bonn Zone, located at Rheinaue Park, accommodates Delegation pavilions, action and observer meeting rooms, pressroom, exhibition space, computer centres and catering facilities.

Both zones will be connected through regular bus service as well as by a special shuttle service and bicycles are available at no cost. Estimated commuting time between the two locations is approximately nine minutes by these means, or walkable in about 15 minutes.

Please note: Opening hours for the Bonn Zone are 08.00 a.m. until 10.00 p.m. Pavilions are not accessible after 10.00 p.m